Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Research & Development:

With a commitment of quality and standardization of products, our company follows strict GMP guidelines starting from raw material procurement to final production and dispatch. The Quality Control department follows a rigorous testing protocol, which is compliant with USP and ICH Q7.
The QC department is equipped with all the necessary equipment;
  • HPLCs for in-process testing, final product testing and for isolating, identifying and tracking impurities
  • GC with head space to monitor residual solvents and pesticides level in the plants
  • Microbial Analysis Capabilities
  • We frequently use third party testing to guarantee accuracy.
  • A robust QA system ensures there are no deviations from set quality.
We have an active R&D program in our labs, which works on improving the existing product yields in our pilot plant and manufacturing new products.

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